December 10, 2012   1 note

System Engineering Quiz - What’s this about?

We’re one of the largest websites in Switzerland, located in Zurich. We are running a modern web platform with thousands of visitors every minute on Web and Mobile. We are were looking for a talented System Engineer to join our team.

The quiz is hard. Only about 0.8% were able to solve it up to now due to someone posting this link onto ##sysadmin on freenode the success rate jumped to 14%. Anyway - those who did are now inscribed on the hall of fame. This list is developing more and more into a “system engineer creme de la creme” list. So hurry up, to be inscribed within the top 100 200.

The quiz has 5 stages: In each stage you need to find the url of the next stage. Once you reach the 5th stage you get instructions how to apply to our job.

Try your luck: Proceed to stage 1.